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Greetings of Peace, Free the Land, and Rebuild to Win Comrads, Brothers & Sisters and to Us belong National Sovereignty and Self-Determination. i'm Cinque Kwado Moyo Kinaya creator of the New Afrikan Spirituality web-site for our 'Nationalist Spirits'.

From my perspective spirit means essence - that which is essential for our survival and advancement individually and collectively as New Afrikans. As Vodunsi Alissogbo stated:

"As a New Afrikan people, the experience of our Ancestors in Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, et al – must be deified to spiritually empower us and to elevate the spirits of those who struggled in this hemisphere before us. Deifying the experience of our people means We will remember significant events of our Nation and make these events holy. We will honor the heroes and sheroes of our people. Their names should be sacred. Our nationalism should be spiritualized and our spirituality should be nationalized."

Our essential character trait is point #14 of the New Afrikan Creed: " i will keep myself clean in body, dress, and speech, knowing that i am a light set on a hill, a true representative of what We are building.

Being a ‘light set on a hill’ reflects the refinement – shining through that comes from daily climbing the uphill uncompromising struggle against the darkness of white supremacy with persistence and integrity.

Being set on a hill is the burial mounds of our ‘Freedom-Fighting Ancestors’ that we stand upon grounding ourselves in their legacy remains and carrying on with loyalty the ‘torchlight’ of Black National self-determination.

May the New Afrikan Spirituality website be a light source of inspiration that enlightens our spirits.


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