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The New Afrikan Creed

1. i believe in the spirituality, humanity and genius of Black People, and in Our new pursuit of these values.

2. i believe in the family and the community, and in the community as a family, and i will work to make this concept live. 

3. i believe in the community as more important than the individual.

4. i believe in constant struggle for freedom, to end oppression and build a better world.  i believe in collective struggle; in fashioning victory in concert with my brothers and sisters.

5. i believe that the fundamental reason Our oppression continues is that We, as a people, lack the power to control Our lives.

6. i believe that the fundamental way to gain that power, and end oppression, is to build a sovereign Black Nation.

7. i believe that all the land in America, upon which We have lived for a long time, which We have worked and built upon, and which We have fought to stay on, is land that belongs to us as a people. 

8. i believe in the Malcolm X Doctrine: that We must organize upon this land, and hold a plebiscite, to tell the world by a vote that We are free and Our land independent, and that after the vote, We must stand ready to defend Ourselves, establishing the nation beyond contradiction.

9. Therefore, i pledge to struggle without cease until We have won sovereignty. i pledge to struggle without fail until We have built a better condition than the world has yet known.  

10. i will give my life, if that is necessary.  i will give my time, my mind, my strength and my wealth because this is necessary.

11. i will follow my chosen leaders and help them.

12. i will love my brothers and sisters as myself.

13. i will steal nothing from a brother or sister, cheat no brother or sister, misuse no brother or sister, inform on no brother or sister, and spread no gossip.

14. i will keep myself clean in body, dress and speech, knowing that i am a light set on a hill, a true representative of what We are building.

15. i will be patient and uplifting with my brothers & sisters*, and i will seek by word and by deed to heal the black family; to bring into the movement and into the community, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters left by the wayside.

Now, freely and of my own will, i pledge this creed, for the sake of freedom for my people and a better world, on pain of disgrace and banishment if i prove false. For i am - by the inspiration of Our ancestors and the Grace of Our Creator— a New Afrikan.

* - "deaf, dumb and blind" has been replaced by "my brothers and sisters" in point 15 and removed from the last paragraph. This reflects proposed amendments to the Creed made by members of the Rebuild Collective. These proposed amendments have also been forwarded to, but not voted on by the PCC-PGRNA.

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