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Black Health Self-Advocacy Guide

Black Health Information Alert

*New eBook: "Black Health Self-Advocacy Guide"

According to 2023 'Harris Poll' data, more than 70% of American adults feel the U.S. health care system is failing to meet their needs in at least one way.

The same healthcare system that most Americans are dissatisfied with, Blacks have to deal with the health system's long-standing structural racism.

Due to the specific challenges that Blacks face in dealing with racism in the U.S. healthcare system, along with facing disproportionate chronic disease facilitating socioeconomic determinants deprivation, health self-advocacy for us is necessary!

My new eBook, "Black Health Self-Advocacy Guide" equips readers with the practical ‘user friendly’ knowledge and tools necessary to become informed, proactive advocates for their own health and to improve health in their communities.

Indeed, as Blacks we must be the primary self-advocates for our own health, yes healthcare begins with us! We must address racial health disparities; studies show that Blacks suffer super-disproportionately from chronic diseases compared to Whites.

Black Health Self-Advocacy (BHSA) is necessary because governments on all levels (federal, state, county, local) and the private healthcare system have failed for decades to effectively reduce racial health disparities; failed to improve Blacks deplorable health status.

Black Health Self-Advocacy is driven by the belief that change ‘health equity’ in the general healthcare system and specific health improvement in our own communities will come primarily as a result of ‘strong advocacy’ and ‘self-capabilities’.

*To purchase eBook look below:

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