Alert: Medical Neglect Shaka Shakur Call Virginia Department of Corrections Director Harold Clarke!!

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

14ThursdayMar 2019

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URGENT Call-in to demand medical attention for Shaka Shakur, New Afrikan long-term political prisoner recently transferred from Indiana to Virginia in order to silence him!

All supporters please make phones calls to Virginia Department of Corrections director Harold Clarke in regards to Shaka Shakur’s Health, Shaka is having health concerns issues and is not receiving the proper treatment. Shaka suffers from Hypertension ( High Blood Pressure ) pinched nerves from a bulging disc in his back. He is having troublesome pains through out his whole body related to several ailments. Shaka Shakur is defined as “ CHRONIC CARE “ recipient meaning he is entitled to regular and thorough medical attention but the staff at Sussex 1 State Prison has not responded to his requests with any Urgency.

Please call VDOC Director Harold Clarke 804-674-3000; press 0 for operator and request Director Clarke. You will likely have to leave a message with the secretary.

(Sample message)

” Hello I am calling because i am concerned about Shaka Shakur #1996207 Mr. Shakur was transferred from Indiana to Sussex 1 State Prison. Since then he has not received the medical care to which he is entitled as being classified “ CHRONIC CARE" . Mr. Shakur has dangerously High Blood Pressure and is experiencing a variety of concerning symptoms since being transferred. Please see to it that Sussex 1 provides Mr. Shakur with all the care that he requires.”

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