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Nehanda Abiodun: Presente'!

Our sister freedom fighter joins Our ancestors. Mama Nehanda, who has been in exile in Cuba since 1984, was accused of violating 32 u.s. empire federal laws which include assisting in the liberation of Assata Shakur. Although Nehanda does not have the celebrity that other New Afrikan Independence Movement activists possess, her contributions are not less worthy! Public and clandestine actions to fight for self-determination and sovereignty are strategies for human rights. As a citizen of the colonized nation, Republic of New Afrika, she distinguished herself in a number of capacities. She is one of the founders of the New Afrikan People's Organization and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. Her work continued in Cuba teaching, organizing and also being recognized as the Godmother of Cuban hip-hop. Mama Nehanda will be missed.

Salute Our Heroes!

Our Love for them is Tireless!

Ancestral Blessings!

Free The Land!!!

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