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Updated: Nov 3, 2018

The Murder of Laquan Mcdonald, the Failed Cover-Up, the Conviction of Jason Van Dyke, the Ongoing Prosecution of (Some) Co-Conspirators & the Righteous Resistance of New Afrikan Young People

  • Jason Van Dyke (vd) shoots Laquan Macdonald down on a Chicago street on October 20, 2014. Van Dyke is given the typical desk duty with pay. 18 months later: dashcam video released (all other video suppressed or mysteriously erased), which contradicts police statements. Now, vd gets suspended without pay (november 2015), and murder charges are brought. As cover-up unravels, supt mccarthy fired, states atty will not be re-elected.

  • mayor rahm emanuel's emails regarding the incident get released on new year’s eve (12/31/2015); he’s eventually forced to give up on another mayoral run

  • 20 citizen complaints (slurs, brutality, etc) against vd are on file, but he has never been punished. Settlements totaling $450,000(!) were made as the result of two of those complaints. Within six months of the shooting of laquan, the chicago city council gives laquan’s family a $5 million settlement, and they hadnt even filed a lawsuit!

  • vd has a history of brutality, which probably increased in intensity as he continued to get away with abusing his authority

  • According to The Intercept, 95 percent of all Chicago police officers never fired their gun from 2004 to 2016; on the other hand, 130 officers have done it more than once. There are more than 12,000 active duty police officers.

  • In court, vd asserted that he was “doing his job”, but all the other cops on the scene the night laquan was shot were waiting for a taser (the correct tactical response). In this context of restraint, vd showed none, predictable given his history. Tapes indicate that he had made up his mind to shoot before he even got on the scene.

  • Nonetheless, others attempted to cover for vd - instead of prosecuting the criminal amongst them. No one else chose to murder laquan, but they werent willing to punish a white man for killing a black man.

  • The video was released only after a long struggle to make the city bring the recording to light. What happens without the video? cop lies are the only story, becuz “dead men tell no tales”

  • the explosion which was feared would have been justified & righteous, the tape & its suppression are proof of this...

  • costs to city: politicians always wanna cut taxes, but never raise a stink about payouts as the result of police terror

  • a white man in pittsburgh, armed with an ar-15 & three pistols, just killed eleven people at a synagogue, then wounded six others including 4(!) cops - but he was captured alive...

  • after unsuccessfully trying to get into a New Afrikan house of worship (trying to do a dylan roof style attack), another armed white man in kentucky just killed two New Afrikans at a kroger grocery - he also, was taken alive by the police...

  • but laquan mcdonald, armed only with a three inch lockblade, couldnt be captured alive - vd was just terrified of “that knife”

  • We need to rock this empire every time they do something outrageous!

  • Dont Wait for Their Trial! The criminal cannot investigate itself! “We lack the power to control our own lives” - Our demand is for power, they are not a legitimate authority; to depend on them is to remain in a colonial relationship....


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