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Our Total Devotion

Free the Land!

RNA Citizens, Comrades, and Co-Workers —

Radical change does not begin with a great movement or with crowds of the "masses" shouting, protesting, and demanding something new. Radical change begins with that one person who has come to the unalterable conclusion that there must be a better way to live, and who makes a lasting commitment to find and work with those who have come to a similar conclusion.

This person does not have to be a fiery or charismatic speaker; or a well-educated scholar; or a skilled organizer; or a talented writer. This person must, however, be someone who is willing to learn how to speak before small or large audiences; who is willing to become better-educated; who is willing to practice expanding levels of organizing; and who is willing to improve his or hers writing abilities.

This person must be committed to systematically thinking matters through along with like-minded others, and bold enough to take concrete action that will benefit our people and the world-at-large.

That kind of commitment is best nurtured in a collective setting; and best cultivated through group (or unit) work, study, training, and transformation.

In the group (or unit) development process one has an opportunity to assess his or her own strengths and weaknesses, and can discover his or her leadership capabilities.

The group (or unit) development process offers each of us a chance for our deep humanity to blossom and, likewise, to help others blossom also.

It takes dedication. It takes sacrifice. And above all else, it takes ongoing growth and a positive attitude.

We can do this! Let's all pull together!

Your brother and servant,


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