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Respect Our Grind: Five Years of Re-Build!

Vol. 1 No. 1 - Fall 2018

The New Afrikan Creed - The Struggle is STILL for Land and Independence! (N.A. Freeman) - Thoughts on the Creed: What It Means to Be 'Deaf, Dumb & Blind' - Some More Thoughts on The Creed: 'What It Means to Be 'Deaf, Dumb & Blind' (A Comradly Response) - Excerpts from "PGRNA Reflections: As Seen Through the Eyes of a New Afrikan, Muslim, Garveyite and Panther (Bilal Sunni-Ali) - Smash the Neo-Confederacy! (N.A. Freeman) - Revolution Without Women Ain't Happenin'! (Aminata Umoja)

Vol. 1 No. 2 - Winter 2018/19

Queen Mother Moore: Mother of the New Afrikan Nation (Akinyele Umoja) - A Campaign to Smash the Neo-Confederacy (N.A. Freeman) - Yaki: Theoretician of the New Afrikan Independence Movement (hondo t'chikwa) - America's Mandelas (N.A. Freeman) - 400 Years On: The War In America Continues (Kwasi Akwamu)

Vol. 1 No. 3 - Spring 2019

On The Passing of Sister Nehanda Isoke Abiodun (New Afrikan People's Organization) - Killer Mike's New Africa: A Caricature of a Liberation Movement (Asantewa Fulani Sunni-Ali) - Addressing Patriarchy & Gender NonConformity in the Struggle for New Afrika (The Assata-Bukhari Collective) - Looking Back - Looking Forward (Kali Akuno) - From Captured Colonial to New Afrikan Freedom Fighter (Kwame Shakur) - Fundamental Nationalism: A Necessary Conversation (Thandisizwe Chimurenga) - To Comrad-Sister Nehanda Abiodun (Re-Build! Collective)

Vol. 1 No. 4 - Summer 2019

Money Management and Liberation (Frank Talk) - Reparations? Yes...But Not Yet (Thandisizwe Chimurenga) - Our Conversation With Anarchist Comrades in Jackson (N.A. Freeman) - 48 Years Is Long Enough! Free Jalil Muntaqim and All New Afrikan Political Prisoners! - Imam Jamil: A Prisoner of War (Bilal Sunni-Ali) - Statement on the Anniversary of the Lee County Massacre (Free South Carolina Movement) - A New Afrikan Peerspective on the 14th Amendment (Basil Butcher)

Vol. 2 No. 1 - Summer 2019

We Stand With the Resistance! (Re-Build! Collective) - Re-Orientation Toward the Conduct of Daily Struggle: From Reform to National Liberation Revolution (Atiba Shanna) - Remembering the Glenville Uprising (Bro Amir) - Statement of Remembrance for Brother and Comrade Robert 'Seth' Hayes (PFLP Prison Branch)

Vol. 2 No. 2 - Winter 2020/21

To Make This Concept Live (Yaki) - As We Move Forward (Kwasi Akwamu) - Statement of Solidarity (Alvaro Luna Hernandez) - The Neo-Confederates Are On the March (N. A. Freeman) - 25 Years to Meet a Man i Already Knew (Kofi Taharka) - Welcome Home Jalil Muntaqim (Jihad Abdul Mummit)

Vol. 2 No. 3 - Summer 2021

Gardening for Reparations and Self-Determination (Kwasi Akwamu) - Film Review: "Judas and the Black Messiah" (hondo t'chikwa) - To Fulfill the Mandate (Yaki) - Ongoing Grassroots Reparations Campaign Finally Gets Hearing in U.S. Congress - Detroit Activists Devise New Strategy to Fight City Hall ( - The National Flag of New Afrika (Kwasi Akwamu) - Re-Build! Collective Interviews Sister Akuah - The Power of the Word (Kwasi Akwamu) - NYT Columnist Advocates a Return to the Black Belt in Bestselling Book (N.A. Freeman) - Thinking of Gaza & Detroit (Kwasi Akwamu) - Statement from Re-Build! Collective on Israeli Military Siege of Occupied Palestine

Black August 2021 - Remembering Sanyika Shakur (1963-2021)

On the Passing of Comrad Sanyika Shakur (RBC) - Transforming the Colonial Criminal Mentality: The Struggle Continues (Thandisizwe Chimurenga) - Sanyika Shakur and the Importance of Self-Transformation in the Liberation Process (Kwasi Akwamu) - Sanyika On Study & Struggle - 'Monster' No More: amerikkka's Nightmare - On the Transition of Comrad-Brother Sanyika Shakur (August Third Collective)

Winter 2021/22

Russell Maroon Shoatz: New Afrikan Prisoner of War (Russell "Maroon" Shoatz) - Black Power, Black Lawyer: A Must Read for 2022 and Beyond (Thandisizwe Chimurenga) - The Fight for Reproductive Justice in Mississippi: A Re-Build Interview With Valencia Robinson - Thoughts On Constitutional Politics (N.A. Freeman) - Organizing In the South (Black Women in the New Orleans People's Assembly) - The Importance of Kwanzaa (Kwasi Akwamu)

Spring 2022/Nation Day

NAPO/MXGM Statement on the Transition of Comrade Ahmed Obafemi - Ahmed: Mi Maestro (Jose Lopez) - In Memory of Ahmed Obafemi (Ricardo Romero) - Dr. Mutulu Shakur - New Afrikan Women's Organization - PGRNA - Prairie Fire Organizing Committee - May 19th Communist Organization - Memories of Ahmed Obafemi (Comrad Kenny Anderson) - Building Strategic Alliances and People's War: A Speech by Ahmed Obafemi

Summer 2022

Healing and National Liberation: Reparations Begin Within (Kwasi Akwamu) - Malcolm X: Model of Personal Transformation (James Yaki Sayles) - StreetHolics: Gangbangers, Gangsters & Thugs In Search of Revolutionary Transformation (Yusef "Bunchy" Shakur) - Concerning Ukraine: When Elephants Fight (NAPO/MXGM) - Welcome Home Comrad! Maumin Khabir Wins Compassionate Release After 27 Years (RBC Interview) - News Briefs From Around the World

Black August 2022

The Revolutionary Culture of Black August (Joka Heshima Jinsai & Abdul Olugbala Shakur) - Black August Commemoration (Mama Ayanna Mashama) - In Memory of Shaka At-Thinnin - New Afrikan Family Day In Chicago - Atlanta's 31st Malcolm X Festival - Black Love In Action for Dr. Mutulu Shakur (MXGM/NAPO) - RBC Statement On SCOTUS Overturning Roe V. Wade - From Emmett Till To Mike Brown: A Letter To My Mother (Yusef "Bunchy" Shakur) - Go Home! (N.A. Freeman) - Newsbriefs From Around the World - Support Sundiata Acoli, Donate Now!

Winter 2022/23

New Afrikan Masses Stand Up Against State-Led White Supremacist Effort to Privative Jackson's Failing Water System (N.A. Freeman) - Amid Museum Controversy, Kwanzaa Reaches New Heights (Kwasi Akwamu) - Reflections From Attendees of the Cop27 Climate Conference In Egypt ( - What Class Does Your Leader Represent? (Ngugi Wa Thiongo) - People's Party for Independence Week - Notes for Those With Eyes & Ears, pt. 1 (Owusu Yaki Yakubu) - In Search of a Revolutionary Culture (Amya Fadee Bantu Ka Heru) - Detroit Says No to 'Project Green Light' (Cory McKenzie) - Healing & National Liberation: Self-Determination Demands Self-Healing (Kwasi Akwamu) - Former P.O.W. Jalil Muntaqim Gets Standing Ovation (Asani Freeman) - 'The Woman King': A Review (Ayoka Efua) - On Our Use of 'We' & 'i' (amilcar shanna) - We Want Freedom Any-Way For Mumia (Mutulu Shakur)

Spring 2023 - 55th Nation Day Issue

H.B. 1020: The Neo-Confederate Assault on Jackson, MS (N.A. Freeman) - The Attack on Black Studies = War On New Afrika - A Tribute to a Revolutionary: Marshall Eddie Conway (Yusef Bunchy Shakur) - Who Fears New Afrikan Queers? (Marte White) - The United States: The Colonizers & Enslavers, Are At It Again (Efia Nwangaza) - The "Stop Formosa" Campaign Is a Battle for Land & Self-Determination (Comrade Triumphant) - For Clarity's Sake: Concessions Ain't Change (Kwasi Akwamu) - Notes For Those With Eyes & Ears, pt 2 (Owusu Yaki Yakubu) - Message To The Movement: Is It In the Interests of New Afrikan People? (Son of Ava Jo, Yusef Bunchy Shakur) - Great Seal Manifestation (Bomani Shakur) - Dedication/Poem (Yusef Bunchy Shakur, Son of Ava Jo) - What Is Cop City, And Why It Must Be Stopped? (Kamau Franklin) - Welcome Home Mutulu!

Summer 2023

The New Afrikan Revolution & Malcolm X (Chokwe Lumumba) - On Deconstructing 'Race' (Owusu Yaki Yakubu) - UN Panel of Experts Visits the USA (Efia Nwangaza) - An Open Letter to the Members of the 2nd Session Permanent Forum on People of African Descent (Adjoa Aiyetoro) - New Afrikan Refugees (Kwasi Akwamu) - Word Search - Smash the Neo-Confederacy! - The Tale of Two Titans: A Review of a YouTube Interview with Lance Williams - Dear Mama: A Documentary Well Done (Thandisizwe Chimurenga & Yusef Bunchy Shakur) - Happy Birthday Kojo Bomani Sababu! - On The State of Our New Afrikan Nation: The New Afrikan Political Prisoners Perspective (New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalist Party) - "A Revolutionary Is A Black Nationalist"

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